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2016 Afrika Korps Email Tournament VASSAL Tips

Many People are already familiar with using VASSAL and its modules. But for those who are not, I’ll describe some features and offer some suggestions.

VASSAL Engine: The current version is 3.2.16. I recommend updating if you have an older version. Versions 3.1.x and earlier are NOT compatible with 3.2.x files.

Module Versions: There are several versions of the module posted on the VASSAL web site I recommend using the latest version – AFKv222.vmod

Using VASSAL: My preferred method is to utilize a feature called Movement Trails (MTs). Just move a unit(s) where you want. Then right click on the unit(s) and click on MTs. This shows a line trace from where the unit started to where it ended up. Go to the next unit(s) and repeat. If change your mind, return the unit(s) to the starting point, right click on the unit(s) and click MTs again. The movement trails now disappear. It will be helpful to your opponent in checking your move if you make intermediate stops along the way when combining road movement with normal movement and/or using the Rommel Bonus. All this makes it fairly easy for your opponent to inspect and verify the legality of the move.

All of the MTs can be removed from the board by clicking on the Clear Moved button at the top of the module graphic.

Another VASSAL feature is called a logfile. It records a step by step record of each piece moved. If you use this method, then your opponent can single step the whole move you made.

To turn it on, go to the file menu and click on logfile, give it a name (like what turn and side) and start moving. When you are done, go to the file menu and click on “end logfile”. You can then also save the file as a handy reference for the final positions of your move. When your opponent gets your turn file, he will be able to single step through each move you made. This can be a bit difficult to follow if you changed a units move midstream as the logfile retraces all your steps. my move without logfiles. Once I have it finalized I then go back and create a logfile to match.

How I do it: I do not use logfiles for reasons noted above. You cannot erase part of a logfile. If you mess up you have to start all over. And I don’t think they are necessary with the movement trail feature noted above.

When I receive a move I check it over for legality. I return it if necessary for correction I prefer to let the defender roll the dice whenever he has completed his review of the move.

Hope that helps!