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Afrika Korps Email Tournament Format

Updated September 26, 2022.

Tournament Eligibility: This will be a BPA sanctioned event. The GM and all entrants must be members of the BPA the year the tournament starts. You do not have to renew in subsequent years to remain active in the tournament. Those who are not currently members of the BPA  may sign up for a $10 PBEM membership.

Tournament Start: See individual Tournament web page.

Rules: The d6 CRT will be used for this tournament. The official tournament rules in effect will be the Third Edition (1980) rules. (The Third rule booklet has a notation in the upper left hand corner noting it as the Third Edition.) Please also see Rule Clarifications:

A copy of the Avalon Hill General Vol 18, No 1 article by Frank Priessle is posted here – It provides a nice discussion of the Third Edition rule changes.

Format, Seedings and Pairings: This is a Single Elimination format. Winners advance to future rounds. An eliminator will be used in case of an odd number of players in any round up until the quarterfinals. The lowest remaining seeded player will play the eliminator. The eliminator will be chosen by the GM from volunteers and is not eligible to advance based on the game for which he is an eliminator. If there are five players remaining for the quarter finals then the bottom two seeds will play to determine the 4th player for the semifinals. If there are seven players remaining for the quarter finals, the lowest seed will play an eliminator chosen by the GM from volunteers.

Tournament seeding will be by AREA ranking as of the start of the tournament. The list will be divided in half with the top half playing the second half. (Player seeding for those with identical AREA ratings, will be determined by random die rolls.) For example, suppose there are 16 players. 1-8 are the top half, 9-16 are the second half. #1 plays #9, #2 plays #10, etc.

Round Length: Players will have a nominal 3 months to complete each round.  The exact end date will be specified at the beginning of each round.

If your game will not finish on time, please try to come to an agreement with your opponent as to the most likely result by the end date for the round.  If that's not possible, the game will be adjudicated. In that case, please submit complete details of your game (including bid, sides, turn, current position of everything and comments including the amount of time used) by the round deadline for adjudication by the Gamemaster.  Note that the amount of time used by the players will be a factor in deciding the winner. The general guideline is that a player must be considered the favorite by an equal or greater amount than the percentage of time used for the game. For example, if a player uses 75% of the time allotted, then they need to be considered at least 75% likely to win from the game position at the end of the round.

Sides: This tournament will use an auction style format for determination of sides. Both players announce their side preference. If the sides selected are different, play proceeds as normal using the AFK supply table to determine supplies.

If both players want the same side, they must bid supplies for sides. Thus, players bid a supply handicap for their choice of sides. Players may bid zero or any other whole number.

The two players will roll a die to determine who begins the bidding, with the higher die roll being given that choice. If both players want the German side, the number bid represents the number of extra supplies the British player can declare "sunk" in addition to those that are sunk by the supply table during the course of the game. For example, if the German player has bid two supplies for the right to play his side, then the British player has the right to sink any two supplies that the German would otherwise receive as a result of his supply roll at the beginning of the turn.

If both players want the British side, then the number bid represents the number of "free supplies" that the German may get during the game. The German player may choose to claim these supplies right at the beginning with his initial setup, or he may use them to nullify any "sunk" result on the supply table during the course of the game. Total number of German supplies on board may never exceed three excluding captured supplies as specified in the game rules.

PBEM Sequence: The following sequence is recommended to help reduce illegal moves:
1.      The appropriate player makes their move, specifying all combats and then sends it to the opponent.
2.      The opponent reviews the move and either approves it or notes errors.
3.      The move is then corrected as desired and again sent to the opponent for approval.
4.      Once the move is approved, then attacks may be rolled by either the attacker or the defender.
a.        Roll die for first attack.
b.      Attacker/defender indicates retreats and any advance (if applicable).
c.       Repeat steps a-b for each additional attack.
d.      Alternately, the attacker may specify in advance all exchanges, defender retreats & attacker advances in which case all attacks may be rolled together.
e.       Once the defender has accepted the move and dice have been rolled, the move and stated attack odds stand even if an error is subsequently discovered.
5.      If the player making the move rolls attack dice without allowing the opponent to review the move and an error is found it must be corrected and the attack(s) rerolled at the defender’s option.

Die Rolling: Accepted Internet die rollers are, and ACTS. Players may use any other mutually agreeable Internet die roller. Players are not required to use the same die roller.

PBEM Errors: If the attacker rolls too many dice, use the first correct number of die rolls and discard the rest.  If the attacker rolls too few dice, use the ones already rolled and roll the balance.

Gaming Software: VASSAL software is the default method of play. Players may use any other mutually agreeable method including text.

Results: The results of all games will be submitted to the AREA rating system.

Tournament Finishing Positions: Third place will be awarded to the semifinal player who lost to the eventual champion. Fourth place will be awarded other player eliminated in the semifinals. Fifth and sixth places will be awarded to the two highest seeded players who lost in the quarter finals.

Afrika Korps eM Tournament Administrative Personnel:
Gamemaster:                            Ed Menzel             
Assistant Gamemaster:              Bert Schoose        
Assistant Gamemaster               Greg Smith           
Webmaster:                              Marc Menzel